Hosting, MCíng & Singing


Ivana Hosting, MCíng & Singing

Yes! Ivana can host your event. She’s so multi-talented, she even sings for you too! She usually starts the night off with a warm welcome to the guests and her signature song “Quando, Quando” from her all time favourite singer, Engelbert Humperdinck….She interviewed him in the 70’s and from then on she vowed to take a little bit of Englebert wherever she went. (he's still looking for his handkerchief) Anything you need, Ivana Babbleoff can accommodate like Introducing speeches, announcing awards, interviews and live auction. Oh and don’t be surprised if she has everyone dancing on the tables by the end of the night! People tend to want to join in on the fun!

Red Carpet Event Packages

Make sure to ask about adding on the six meter red carpet, gold bollards with red velvet rope, professional photographer, video services as there are packages to suit all event sizes!

Ivana Makes Everything Special!

So go ahead and make your event really special

For all public, private and media event inquiries reach out to Ivana today. 

WOW Guests

What else can Ivana do?


Red Carpet Events

No red carpet event is complete without Ivana Babbleoff! Surprise your guests

Virtual Zoom Appearances

Having an event in remote location or during lockdown? No fear, Ivana can host your event via Zoom.

Birthday Parties & Private Events

Having a birthday party, engagement, anniversary or other private event?
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