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Boost Your School Spirit with an Online Disco

Meet Ivana Babbleoff, a fun loving and endearing character that brings smiles to kids and adults alike. She plays your favorite disco songs and makes you laugh at the same time while getting everyone’s body moving.

6 GREAT Reason To Book Ivana's Online Disco

Stay Connected during lockdowns

Keep your school community connected during these extreme lockdowns

Keep Kids Physically active

Get the children moving and being more active. Junior children especially are very active during the online discos.

Something to Look Forward To

The disco gives the students something to look forward in these challenging times.

It Gets Families Together

The whole family is involved and joins in on the fun dancing together.

Get Creative & Theme Your Disco

Something that is so much fun to do is to have a dress up theme. The little ones love to dress up in costumes. Suggested themes include: Superheroes, 70's Disco, Movie or TV Characters, Fairytale Characters... or your own theme.

Opportunity for Principals Message

Your Principal or organisation leader will have an opportunity to address the community during the online disco. Builds morale and pride in your school or organisation.

Ivana Disco

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Discos are conducted on Zoom and are limited to 100 user logins per disco session. The cost is $12 per family (ie. 1 User login). Schools receive $5 per ticket sale.
SCHOOL FUNDED OPTION: If you prefer to book Ivana's Disco for your school families to enjoy at no cost to them, your school’s discounted fee is $550 inc GST. SAVE over 50%

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