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"It was a privilege to have Ivana come and play: I think maybe Ivana should train as our next Kindergym Leader! The kids adored her and the parents had so much fun. It was a fabulous opportunity to explore Kindergym through the eyes of an outsider, and Ivana is the perfect person to do this. Thank you so much for all your effort, bravery and skill.
Lisa Andraczke
“What a fabulous night for our community. Thank you so much for having some fun with us. We loved it ”
Weeden Heights Primary school!
“THANK YOU SO MUCH IVANA! That was so much fun!”
Joanne O’Kelly
Joanne O’Kelly School Of dance
Ivana Babbleoff and the Manningham Council Mayor hosted the Manningham Community Mayoral Ball and raised more than $44,000 towards establishing a dedicated youth mental health outreach program in Manningham. Read the media release on the Manningham Council website.
"Thank you for your very entertaining and professional entertainment provided to our carers. It was very pleasing to see them enjoying the day and making connections with others. You fitted in just perfectly and bonded very well with the group"
Uniting Vic.Tas

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