Virtual Zoom Appearances


Ivana Can Host Your Event Remotely

Having an event in remote location or during lockdown? No fear, Ivana can host your event via Zoom.

Perfect for Zoom or Any Online Events

Don't compromise your event just because it is hosted online. Ivana brings a wealth of event experience and can make your online event flow to keep your guests or attendees entertained.


Ivana Makes Everything Special!

So go ahead and make your event really special

For all public, private and media event inquiries reach out to Ivana today. 

WOW Guests

What else can Ivana do?


Red Carpet Events

No red carpet event is complete without Ivana Babbleoff! Surprise your guests
Ivana Babbleoff online Disco

Online Discos & Kids Shows

When it's hard to get together to celebrate, online discos & kids show hosted by Ivana are so much fun.

Birthday Parties & Private Events

Having a birthday party, engagement, anniversary or other private event?
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